Darren Boesky, owner of Moving Water LLC. has been in the swimming pool industry in Los Angeles since 1988.  He has continuously been contracted over that time by Apollo Pool Construction (Los Angeles), Addison Pools Inc. (Los Angeles) and Sundance Spas (Los Angeles) just to name a few. 

WHAT WE DO:  We specialize in calcium removal and  the restoration of tile, stone and coping.  We are located in Los Angeles, Ca.  We service all of  Los Angeles  County as well as surrounding cities. We also provide other services such as replastering, new equipment, rails, lights and most other installations and repairs.  Send us an email for any inquiries. 



 We proudly restore the finish on : Glazed tile - non glazed tile - waterfalls - ponds - fountains - raised bond beams  spas -slate - marble -  granite - glass tile - cinder block surfaces - stucco - concrete - Pebble Tech  


We have no control over how long the tile will stay clean. We make no guarantee as to how long it will stay that way due to the calcium level in the water. We always recommend the pool be completely drained because the calcium in the water is the cause of all the deposits. Partially draining leaves much of the hard water still in the pool. The cleaning process can be done however with the pool being drained down about 4" t0 6" inches below the tile done by us.

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