THE PROCESS - Moving Water LLC. has perfected a system for removing these calcium deposits quickly and inexpensively. Pressurized water and naturally mined minerals  are shot against the deposits pulverizing the calcium without harming the delicate porcelain, glazed or clay tiles and are actually being buffed and polished by the process.

The calcium debris and cleaning minerals settle to the bottom of pool and are removed by pumping to waste. An average-sized home swimming pool takes only four to six hours to clean and is just a fraction of the cost of replacing tile. Anyone who has tried removing calcium deposits by hand with a pumice stone or chemicals is likely to find our price a bargain!

WHAT WE USE - The cleaning minerals used are a pH neutral, water-soluble blasting abrasive. It has a bulk density of 90 lbs/cu.ft which is similar in weight to silica sand. The specific gravity is 2.6 Mohs and hardness is 3.5. The color is beige to almost white.

  The Cleaning Media is  environmentally friendly! It is easy to clean up and will not damage or kill vegetation. It will not corrode copper, brass or aluminum substances. It is non-sparking, non-toxic, non-irritating, and silica free. There are no solvents or caustic chemicals in the media.

  It is the first soft abrasive that is capable of removing coatings, mill scale and medium to heavy rust scale without harming the substrate. It is safe to use around rotating equipment, bearings and sliding mechanisms. It cleans, removes paints and degreases in one step without shutting down process streams.


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